Side event at COP23 explores Brazil’s environmental crisis

10.11.2017 |

The Brazilian Climate Observatory invites you to a side event at COP23:

From leader to laggard? How Brazil’s domestic context jeopardizes its climate commitments

Saturday, 11th, 16h/17h, Talanoa Space, Bonn Zone

Brazil was the first emerging economy to put forward an absolute target for its NDC, and has won praise for its dramatic cut in emissions over the last decade, as it successfully controlled deforestation in the Amazon. The country’s recent political turmoil, however, is threatening climate policy, as conservatives and the rural lobby gain unprecedented political power in Congress and the Executive branch backslides on environmental regulations and indigenous peoples’ rights. As a result, Brazil’s carbon emissions in 2016 jumped to the highest level since 2008, according to new data published by the Brazilian Climate Observatory.

In this event, Brazilian NGOs will present the new data and discuss how the current political landscape jeopardizes Brazil’s 2020 emission targets and gives the NDC a bad start-off.

Speakers include:

–       Sonia Bone Guajajara – Executive coordinator, Brazilian Indigenous Peoples Articulation

–       Maurício Voivodic – CEO, WWF Brazil

–       Ciniro Costa Jr. – Researcher, SEEG/Imaflora

–       Márcio Astrini – Policy Coordinator, Greenpeace Brazil

–       Carlos Rittl – Executive secretary, Brazilian Climate Observatory

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